Wolf in Shadow is a Jon Shannow novel written by David Gemmell, published in 1987.

Synopsis Edit

Jon Shannow, having recently rid the town of Allion of Brigands, arrives at the homestead of Donna Taybard, outside of Rivervale, where she lives with her son, Eric. Jon learns from Donna that her husband, John Taybard, was recently murdered by Fletcher, the current lead of the Committee, the organization that currently governs Rivervale. Eric is kidnapped by three of Fletcher's men, then subsequently rescued by Jon. The wagonmaster Con Griffin arrives at Donna's homestead. He is leading a wagon convoy to settle a new land and start a new community. Donna sells her farm, and Shannow travels with her and Eric with Griffin to settle New Avalon. Soon after settling New Avalon, Griffin is approached by a leader of the Hellborne army who threatens to attack the community. Shannow leads the men of New Avalon and some local cannibles known as Carns in a surprise attack against the Hellborne army. Abbadon, leader of all the Hellborne seeks to conquer the world with his hordes of devil worshipers and superior technology. Unfortunately for Abbadon, Shannow will bring two other men against him and be the downfall of the Hellborne and of Abbadon.