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This is a list of all characters appearing in the novel Winter Warriors.

Major characters are marked in bold.

Characters that are only mentioned and never depicted appear in italics.


  • Banelion the "White Wolf", elderly general
  • Bison, ageing warrior and friend of Nogusta
  • Dagorian, young officer
    • Catoris, his father
  • Grinan, baker involved in the murder of Nogusta's family
    • Flarin, his daughter who was rescued by Nogusta
  • Hogun, legendary commander
  • Kebra the Bowman, ageing archer and friend of Nogusta
  • Menimas, nobleman involved in the murder of Nogusta's family
  • Nogusta, black swordsman of Phocian heritage with the gift of the Third Eye
    • Ushuru, his wife
    • Kynda, his nephew
  • Rogun, nobleman, slain in a duel by Dagorian
  • Ulmenetha, priestess of the Source
    • Vian, her late husband


  • Father Aminias, priest of the Source
  • Antikas Karios, swordsman and commander under Malikada
  • Queen Axiana, pregnant wife of Skanda
  • Bodasen, legendary general
  • Canta, tavern keeper at Canta's Tavern in Usa
  • Cerez, swordsman and champion
  • Cleft-tongue, street gang leader in Usa
  • Conalin, orphan boy
  • Dirais, competitor in the archery tournament
  • Emperor Gorben, the God-king
  • Kalizkan, sorcerer (killed and possessed by Anharat)
  • Kyaps, wrestling champion
  • Prince Malikada, Skanda's first general (killed and possessed by Anharat)
  • Palima, ageing prostitue in Usa
  • Pavik, tavern keeper in Usa
    • his wife
    • Dilian, one of his serving maids
  • Pharis, orphan girl
  • Sufia, orphan girl
    • Griss, her brother
  • Vellian, officer serving under Antikas Karios, leader of the Twenty
  • An unnamed priest in Usa


  • Anharat, Demon Lord
  • Emsharas the Sorcerer
  • The Krayakin
    • Bakilas, their leader
    • Drasko
    • Lekor
    • Mandrak
    • Nemor
    • Pelicor


  • Coris, wrestling champion of unknown origin
  • Darela, a human woman whom Bakilas once fell in love with
  • Darlic, human king during the First Great War
  • Death
  • Kreya, godess
  • The Source


  • Starfire, Nogusta's horse
  • Palarin, horse