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Virae was a Drenai noblewoman during the First Nadir War. She was the daughter of Earl Delnar of Dros Delnoch and the wife of his successor Regnak, Earl of Bronze. A fierce warrior in her own right, she played a prominent role in the defence of Dros Delnoch against Ulric's Nadir horde.


Despite being of noble birth, Virae had a tough childhood. She had no interest in dancing, singing, fashion, gossip, or any of the typical past-times a young noblewoman was expected to focus on. Her plain looks caused her to be teased mercilessly; in response she developed a prickly exterior. She did not get along with her mother well, although she adored her father the Earl and they were very close.

She was prickly and standoffish in general and with men in particular. When she first met Regnak, she was mocking and insulting, although Regnak was perceptive enough to see past this. She took her duties as a Drenai noble seriously and worked hard to find allies for her father against the Nadir. She was quite brave and did not shy away from battle.

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Physical appearance[]

Virae: What are you staring at? Never seen a woman before?
Rek: Well, that answers the first question.
Virae: What does that mean?
Rek: You're a woman.

Legend, Chapter 2

Even at a young age, Virae was tall and well-built with an almost man-like build. Her hair was mousy blonde, long and unkempt. She had deep-set blue eyes and thick dark eyebrows.[1]

Her armour consisted of a silver steel mail-shirt and bronze shoulder pads. With this she wore loose-fitting green woollen trousers which were laced to her thighs with leather straps.[1]

Skills and abilities[]

Virae was an accomplished swordswoman, being able to take on several enemies at once. She fought with a thin rapier, her fighting style reminiscent of dancing, emphasising speed and precision.[2] She was also skilled with the bow, being able to hit and down a rabbit in a single shot from forty paces.[3]


  • Virae is around 18 years old during the events of Legend.
  • Virae bears many similarities to the character Brianne of Tarth from Game of Thrones.


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