Ventria was bordered by Naashan in the northwest, Cadia in the west, the Ventrian Sea to the east, and the Southern Sea. Its major cities include Caphis, Capalis, and Usa. Ventria was likely the largest country in the Drenai world until the rise of the Nadir empire, which formed after the events of The King Beyond the Gate.

Excluding the Chiatze and Kiatze nations, Ventria was probably the most cultured of the Drenai world's countries, boasting a university in every city. Ventria features in many novels in the Drenai series. In Waylander II: In the Realm of the Wolf, Ventria launches an unsuccessful attack on the Drenai. Ventria was eventually conquered by the Drenai King Skanda before the events of Winter Warriors, though it is not known whether his son held the country after Skanda's death. In The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend, a large portion of the story takes place in Ventria as the nation fights to repel invaders. The epilogue in Legend states that Ulric Khan collapses and dies in Ventria whilst leading his invasion (mirroring the way Genghis Khan collapsed and died during his last campaign). Ventria is also the main country featured in the book Winter Warriors.