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Ulric (d. 1227) was a Wolfshead warlord and the first Uniter of the Nadir.

Early life[]

Ulric was originally named Okai and was taken as a hostage by the Gothir Empire as a janissary, where he was given the training of a military officer. Upon graduation, he left Gothir and returned back to Nadir lands where he was given the name of Talisman by the Nadir shaman Nosta Khan.

The Legend of Deathwalker[]

Okai (now renamed Talisman) was sent by Nosta Khan to meet up with Chorin-Tsu, the Royal Embalmer to the Gothir court, who had been in contact with Nosta and was to give his daughter Zhusai as a wife to the Uniter. The Embalmer seeks to do this to ensure the Nadir will become strong enough to function as a buffer between Gothir and Chiatze, and tells Talisman that he now needs to seek two magical gems, the Eyes of Alchazzar. Evidently, the Eyes have the power of regeneration, and whose discovery are believed to mark the emergence of the Uniter. It is in Gothir too that Talisman falls in with the Drenai champion, Druss, who also seeks the Eyes to help heal a mortally wounded friend in Gothir.

Returning to Nadir lands, Talisman successfully beats back a Gothir expedition sent to capture the Eyes and desecrate the Tomb of Oshikai, where the Eyes are hidden (they are found by Druss' friend Sieben with supernatural help). Talisman however chooses later on to destroy the Eyes — he argues that the creation of the Eyes by the Chiatze mages who followed Oshikai had led to the environmental and spiritual degradation of the Nadir and only by destroying them can the Nadir rise to power. Destroying the Eyes results in the pupils of Talisman's eyes turning violet — a trait he eventually passes down to all people descended from him, and marks him as the prophesied Uniter. Talisman soon assumes the regnal name of Ulric Khan


Having united the Nadir and ravaged Gothir, Ulric Khan now sets his eyes on the Drenai lands, but to do so he must fight past the mighty fortress orf Dros Delnoch. At the siege, he kills Druss, but is eventually forced to retreat upon receiving news of a rebellion by a relative, Jahangir.

Following the aborted siege, Ulric Khan never returns to Drenan, and eventually dies while campaigning against Ventria.

The King Beyond the Gate[]

Ulric is revealed to be by now a spirit living in the Void, and helps his distant descendent Tenaka Khan - first to resist and eventually destroy the Drenai Emperor Ceska, and finally to conquer the Drenai.

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