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This page features a timeline of events taking place in the Drenai world, the setting of the Drenai series as well as the stand-alone novels Morningstar and Knights of Dark Renown.

It is largely based on the "Drenai Timeline" originally published on the fansite Wolfshead, which was presented to and approved by David Gemmell.[1] Thus, some events which do not appear in any of the books are also included.

There is no indication in the books as to what initial event the Drenai calendar is based on. Dates before year 0 are simply represented with negative figures.

Before 0[]

Year Event(s) Source
-8804 The Chiatze nation is founded. The Legend of Deathwalker
-4439 The city of Kuan Hador is founded. Hero in the Shadows
The First Great War begins, between the Illohir forces of Anharat and the human armies of the Three Kings. The latter are aided by Anharat's twin Emsharas, who creates the Storm Swords. Hero in the Shadows
-2451 Golgoleth seeks knowledge and leaves his city of birth to find it. Morningstar
-2439 The First Great War ends with the Battle of the Four Valleys. The humans are victorious, and Emsharas sends the remaining Illohir into the Void, to await the completion of his prophecy. Hero in the Shadows,
Winter Warriors
Golgoleth consults with demons and spirits. Morningstar
Horga the Enchantress is born. Morningstar
-2438 Golgoleth returns to the city of his birth, beginning the reign of the Vampyre Kings. Morningstar
-1899 The Fall of Kuan Hador ends the Second Great War, in which descendants of Emsharas aid the rest of mankind against the evils of Kuan Hador, who have allied themselves with Anharat's demons. Hero in the Shadows
-1438 Rabain, Horga and the Knights seek out and defeat the Vampyre Kings during the Night of Seventh Star after the Battle of Coulin. Rabain slays Gulgothel, while Jerain the Bowman and Boras the Cyclops kill the other two Vampyre Kings. Morningstar
Three noble families seek to keep the Vampyre Kings' skulls apart, forming the Guardians of the Skulls. The oath is continued and the title passed on to succeeding generations. Morningstar
-1428 Horga travels forward in time to bring a friend of Rabain's back to him. After ten years together, Rabain and Horga part ways. Morningstar
-1083 The Galbalans start their civilisation. Knights of Dark Renown
-989 King Albaras forms the Knights of the Galbala. Knights of Dark Renown
-940 The Knights spirit Albaras away during the War of the Rebellion. Knights of Dark Renown
-934 Albaras returns and frees the knightly order from the jurisdiction of monarchs. Knights of Dark Renown
-912 A new Dagda, Guardian of the Colours of Magic, replaces his predecessor. Knights of Dark Renown
-825 A new Dagda replaces his predecessor. Knights of Dark Renown
-813 The King of Galbala rules the entire continent, although the extent of his rule decreases over the next thirty years. Knights of Dark Renown
-809 Ollathir, son of Cabal, becomes the 15th Armourer of the Knights of the Galbala. Knights of Dark Renown
-798 Lug (Lamfada) is born. Knights of Dark Renown
-789 The Knights of the Galbala are sent through a gateway to aid a foreign civilisation fight evil. They disappear for six years. During this time, Manannan travels the world seeking Ollathir. Knights of Dark Renown
-788 Ollathir is held captive by the King to make him magical weapons. He refuses and narrowly escapes with his life. Knights of Dark Renown
-784 The Knights of the Galbala reappear as the Knights of Crimson, and are supported by the King. Knights of Dark Renown
-783 Lamfada forms the New Knights of the Galbala, known in future times as the Knights of Dark Renown. Knights of Dark Renown
-782 The New Knights defeat the Crimson Knights. Nuada Silverhand is killed. Lamfada becomes the new Dagda and renounces his title as Armourer of the Knights of the Galbala. Knights of Dark Renown
Elodan and Manannan, the last knights of the Galbala, ride through the gate to end the world of the Vyre, and are never heard of again. Knights of Dark Renown
-689 Lamfada is succeeded by a new Dagda. Knights of Dark Renown
-638 A region in the north is conquered by the Angostins. Morningstar
-463 Owen Odell, storyteller and companion of the Morningstar, is born. Morningstar
-462 Jarek Mace, a thief who will become the Morningstar, is born. Morningstar
-458 Horga moves to Mace’s village, assuming the name Megan. Morningstar
-453 Owen becomes an apprentice of Cataplas, learning the secrets of storytelling and how to weave magic. Morningstar
-443 Owen leaves Cataplas after proving he has learnt enough to continue on his own. Morningstar
-440 The Angostins are involved in a war overseas. Morningstar
-438 Owen and Mace meet for the first time. Morningstar
-437 The Highlands War begins. The city of Ziraccu is massacred by Edmund, the Hammer of the Highlands. Morningstar
The Vampyre Kings return. Mace fights them, along with Owen, Megan, Wulf, Piercollo, Ilka and Raul Roberts. Morningstar
Megan is killed by an undead assassin, but as Horga she travels back in time and summons Mace to the past to battle the Vampyre Kings. He becomes known as the Summoned One, Rabain. Morningstar
Returning from the past, Rabain/Mace succeeds in slaying Edmund, but is wounded in the battle and later dies of his wounds. Morningstar
-379 Wulf dies. Morningstar
-369 Horga time-travels to this year to take Owen to Rabain in -1428. Morningstar

First millenium[]

Year Event(s) Source
183 Pashtar Sen works the miracle of the hunting horn in a temple in Ventria. The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend
185 After his father is killed in battle by an army from Chien Po, Oshikai Demon-bane takes on the mantle of his father's position becoming Lord of the North of Chiatze. His first act with his new power is to lead an army against Chien Po, raising it to the ground in vengeance. The Legend of Deathwalker, Drenai Timeline
189 Oshikai hunts down and slays the demonic Black Lion harassing his lands, acquiring the name "Demonbane". The Legend of Deathwalker, Drenai Timeline
191 Conspirators successfully turn the Emperor of Chiatze against Oshikai, who is labeled a traitor. Oshikai and his people suffer great losses at the Battle of Chu-Chien. Though ultimately victorious, they are forced to flee through the Mountains of Ice. The Legend of Deathwalker, Drenai Timeline
192 Oshikai marries Shulsen after completing the three tasks set by her father. After the wedding, Oshikai speaks to his people, saying that they have met their nadir, meaning "crossroads of death", a word from which they take their name. The history of the Nadir people begins. The Legend of Deathwalker, Drenai Timeline
193 The Nadir arrive in the Steppe and claim it as their own. Drenai Timeline
196 Oshikai is killed at the Battle of Five Armies. He is buried at the site of the battle, later known as the Valley of Shulsen's Tears. The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend
Shulsen is brutally tortured and left to die by Chakata, former ally of Oshikai. The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend
408 The Tattooed people are forced back through the gateway by the warlike nomadic tribe that is to become the Drenai. Quest for Lost Heroes
626 The Drenai begin to stamp civilisation onto the world. Legend
672 Hewla, Abbess of the Temple of the Resurrection, is born. Waylander II: In the Realm of the Wolf
696 Three Nadir shamen forge the Stone Wolf and create the Eyes of Alchazzar. Shaoshad, one of the three, steals the jewels but is killed while trying to resurrect Oshikai. The Legend of Deathwalker
783 Zhi Zhen founds the Dark Brotherhood in Chiatze. He is ultimately captured and impaled on a golden spike. The order lives on, and spreads to the west. Waylander II: In the Realm of the Wolf
The Sathuli, escaping persecution, cross the sea from the deserts of Ventria into Drenai lands. They settle in the Delnoch mountains. Waylander II: In the Realm of the Wolf

Second millenium[]


Have a look on http://gemmellaward.ning.com/page/drenai-timeline


  • Birth of Dakeyras (later known as Waylander).


  • Birth of King Niallad, son of Orien.




  • Dakeyras' wife Tanya and his three children are killed by raiders.
  • During the next 20 years, Dakeyras systematically hunts down the killers of his family. He becomes known as "Waylander the Slayer".
  • Death of "Waylander the Slayer". After being send back in time to save his self from becoming the man he is.


  • Birth of Elphons, Duke of Kydor.



  • Cadoras begins his career as an assassin.






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