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Banouin crested the last rise and gazed down on the settlement of Three Streams. The heaviness lifted from his heart as he saw the scattered houses and farms, the bridges over the streams, the cattle and sheep feeding on the rich grass. And there, at the centre of the settlement the colossal oak known as Eldest Tree, its lower branches hung with lamps.

Home, thought Banouin, savouring the word. I am home.

Sword in the Storm, ch. 3

Three Streams was the name of a Northern Rigante village by the foot of the Druagh Mountains. It was so named because it was situated at the junction of three streams. Important decisions were presided over by a village council, who sometimes also consulted the prophecising village witch, Vorna.


  • Banouin, merchant from Stone
  • Borga, baker
  • Braefar (Wing over Water), first son of Ruathain and Meria
  • Cassia, earth maiden
  • Cerif, father of Meria
  • Connavar, son of Varaconn and Meria, High King of the Rigante
  • Eriatha, earth maiden
  • Govannan, son of Nanncumal
  • Meria, daughter of Cerif, widow of Varaconn, and later wife of Ruathain
  • Nanncumal, smith
  • Pelain, wife of Borga and cousin of Meria
  • Pellae, mother of Ruathain
  • Ruathain, cattle herder and First Warrior
  • Varaconn, horse hunter
  • Vorna, witch and midwife