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The Talent describes certain mystical abilities in the Drenai World. There are many ways in which it is used and not all of them good. Those with the Talent go by many names, including priests, priestesses, wizards, witches, sorcerers, enchanters, magickers, etc. The use of mystical powers is generally referred to as “sorcery.”

The list of abilities it includes are*:

  • Astral Projection - being able to separate one's spirit from its physical form and travel. Those of The Thirty and some darker orders (such as Dark Brotherhood) can also fight in this form, their training allowing them to summon spirit weapons and armour - if someone dies in this form, their physical form dies too.
  • Telepathy - An ability to read moods and communicate, in a way, with animals (like Serbitar and the cantankerous horse, Daffodil) and they can read the minds of others, influence them and even paralyze or harm them (The Dark Brotherhood in Waylander and Waylander II)..
  • Predictions - Some who possess a strong talent can "walk the mists". They can effectively travel along the multiple paths of the future, although they cannot with any certainty say which future will occur, they can at least cover many eventualities.
  • Summon Werebeasts - The ability to join man and animal (such as the Nadir Shaman does in Waylander) and form them into something infinitely more dangerous.
  • Enter the "Void" - Some mystics can influence and enter/exit the void. The void is either the Drenai equivalent of purgatory or hell. All spirits go there upon death, many pass through on the way to their version of heaven, others end up lost and stranded or are refused the option of moving on due to their misdeeds and become creatures of the void. The mystics who can influence the void often use it to try to kill their enemies, using the twisted souls to do the deed.
  • Rejuvenation - Some mystics are able to take the genetic template present in someone’s cells and regrow severed body parts or reactivate the heart and lungs, curing the body of disease and plague. This process can be used to prolong one’s life, but death is inevitable. Considered the most complicated form of magic. Even the priests of the temple in Pelucid can only heal those who have yet to pass into the realm of the dead. 
  • Elemental Spells - A sorcerer can control elemental forces and energies, such as gravity, magnetism, light, or heat for various purposes, including holding someone in place, ripping weapons away from a warrior’s grasp, creating illusions, or conjuring fire. These spells are very powerful, and especially difficult if performed while in spirit form. 

*This list is not exhaustive