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The Last Guardian is a novel in Stones of Power series featuring Jon Shannow. The book was written by David Gemmell and published in 1989.


Chapter 1[]

The Last Guardian picks up immediately after the conclusion of Wolf in Shadow. The year is 2341 AD, and Shannow is traveling in the mountains south of the Plague Lands. He is dying from wounds sustained while defending farmers from brigands, when he is rescued by lion-man Shir-ran. Shir-ran explained to Shannow that in this land, the people were turning into animals and the Dark Lady, who dwells with the Dianae (lion-men), has spoken of Shannow. The bears had completed their transformation, but the lions and wolvers were being led by the Dark Lady. After four days, Shir-ran's transformation into a lion is complete, and he attacks Shannow. Shannow regretfully kills the beast leaves the lair of Shir-ran.

Chapter 2[]

The city of Ad - 9364 BC - Nu-Khasisatra, a shipbuilder in the city of Ad, has seen visions of the fall of the world. Nu interrupts a ceremony of human sacrafices to criticize the current king and self-proclaimed god (later revealed to be Pendarric), praise the original god (known by name names, but Nu refers to him as Chronos), and prophosize the fall of the world, specifically referring to the sword of god. After Nu shatters the crystal that was absorbing the blood of the sacrifices, the guards are struck down by lighting. Nu leaves the temple, but is recognized, and word is passes to Sharazad, the leader of the Daggers (lizard-soldiers), who begin a hunt for Nu.

Chapter 3[]

2341 AD - Shannow continues his journey south, and encounters the camp of five Brigands. When the leader of the Brigand group, Lee Patterson, discovers Shannow's identity, he asks if Shannow is hunting them. Shannow states he is merely heading south. Lee says the land to the south is known as the Wild Lands, and there is a place there with floating statues, one of which is known as the Sword of God.

Chapter 4[]

The city of Ad - 9364 BC - While fleeing frome the Daggers, Nu hides in an eating house where he reflects on a meeting with his wife, Pashad, and she attempts to convince him not to go through with his plans to defy the king. As two Daggers enter the eating house, a fortune teller joins Nu and though unwanted, he reads Nu his fortune. He prophocises that Nu will travel far, though not over land or sea, and that he will encounter a grey rider with great power. The Daggers leave the eating house paying no heed to Nu.

Chapter 5[]

2341 AD - Beth McAdam, widow of Sean McAdam (who died of the Red Fever), and her two children, Samual and Mary, are traveling when their wagon breaks a wheel. While contmplating how to replace the damaged wheel, the family is approached by six brigands, led by Harry Cooper, who is from Allion. Beth tricks Harry into getting close enough to her for her to threaten him with her gun, and Harry convinces his men to replace the broken wagon wheel. When complete, Harry tells the other five Brigands to ride back to their camp, which upsets one Brigand in particular, Quint. Harry and Beth converse civilly, and Beth says she is on her way to Pilgrim's Valley. Harry then rides back to the Brigand camp, omly to be murdered by Quint, who has plans to return to Beth.

Chapter 6[]

9364 BC - Nu arrives at the home of his friend, Bali. Here it is revealed that Nu is 110 years old, and Bali 190. They were able to maintain their youth by using Sipstrassi shards. However, Bali has fallen on hard times, and can no longer afford the precious fragments. To aid his friend's escape, Bali gives Nu a full Sipstrassi stone, which he claims to have purchased from a trader who mistook the stone for a gold nugget. Bali tells Nu of a stone circle within the town that, with the aid of the stone, can transport Nu to another city, Balacris. Nu leaves Bali for the stone circle and then it is revealed that Bali murdered the trader to obtain the Sipstrassi. Once Bali is gone, Daggers, led by Shazrad, enter Bali's home looking for Nu. When Bali defies them, one of the Daggers shoots Bali.

Chapter 7[]

2341 AD - Continuing his journey, Shannow comes across the tracks of a wagon, then a broken wagon wheel. Following the trails of horses leaving the site of the broken wheel, Shannow arrives at the deserted Brigand camp, and finds Harry, who is still alive remarkably, however, he only lives long enough to tell Shannow that the others went after the girl. Shannow departs the camp in search of Beth and her wagon.

Beth continues her journey to Pilgram's Valley, when Quint and the other Brigands catch up to her. When they are approaching, Beth kills Quint, and Mary kills another, which convinces the others to leave the family alone.

Chapter 8[]

9364 BC - Nu arrives at the stone circle, which appears unguarded, but when he approaches, he finds Sharazad and some Daggers have been waiting for him. He manages to get to the circle and escape the Daggers, but does not arrive in Balacris as expected. Instead, he is in a strange land next to a dead man in strange clothing. His Sipstrassi stone still has some power left after the journey, and he uses some to dress himself in identical garb to the nearby dead man. He has no idea where to go, so he follows some horse tracks leading from the camp.

After questioning Pashad, Sharazad meets with the soldier, Rhodaeul, and tells him that she knows where Nu has disappeared to. She explains that the stone circle is linked to a new land that was discovered two months ago, where her Daggers obtained pistols. Sharazad tells Rhodaeul that the King want him to train with pistols. Rhodaeul is not happy about this, but agrees and Sharazad lists some people who are notorous with the weapons, including Johnson, Crowe, Daniel Cade, and Shannow.

Chapter 9[]

2341 AD - While following Beth's wagon trail, Shannow comes upon the two dead Brigands, and his respect for her grows. Next he comes across an excavation site where locals are attempting to unearth an long iron building with small windows and doors (revealed to be a boat, but the diggers do not believe Shannow). Here he meets Klaus Monet, who describes the time before the fall as the "Dark Times". After purchasing supplies, Shannow meets Beth at the site. Just after introductions, they are inturrupted by the lead Arcanist of the dig site, Boris Heimut, who is interested in Shannow's thoughts on the boat. They leave Beth to discuss theories, and Heimut describes two opposing theories on the world's history: the Oldview/Biblical theory holds that the current time is the Last Days and that Armageddon began 317 years ago; while the Longview believes that at least 1000 years have passed since the death of Jesus, and that a previous civilizations held wonders that are now lost to the world, and Heimut believes the discovery of the boat will support this. When Heimut asks Shannow how such a large boat arrived in an area surrounded by land, Shannow explains that Samual Archer proved to him that the world has fallen twice in the past. Later that night, Boris asks Shannow to join the site to defend it from a local leader named Edric Scyse, who has put his own man in charge of the site, Deiker. Shannow refuses and the next day, after humiliating two of Dieker's men who had come to force him to leave the dig site, he continues his journey towards the Great Wall. With the wall and Pilgrim's Valley both in sight, Shannow decides to stop at the town to relax before continuing his journey.

Chapter 10[]

Chreena, known as the Dark Lady because of her black skin, is attempting to reverse Oshere's slow transformation into a lion, which she failed at with Shir-ran. While taking a break from her work, Chreena describes the theories of the first fall of the world, which saw the Atlantean continent submerged under water. When Chreena returns to her work, Oshere reflects back on the arriaval of Chreena to the Dianae settlement, the death of her sickly son, her her short-lived romantic relationship with his brother, the prince Shir-ran, and Shir-ran's transformation and departure. Chreena had discovered that the Dianae were a product of experiments done in the Between times (the era between the two time the world fell). The experiment turned lions into men, and now those genetics were breaking down and the people were reverting back into lions. Later that night, Chreena mourns her deceased husband, Samual Archer, a Guardian who died after being beaten at Castlemine in Wolf in Shadow.

Chapter 11[]

Shannow makes plans to stay in Pilgrim's Valley for 3 days before continuing his journey south past the great wall. On the first day, he meets a gunfighter, Clem Steiner. On the second day, he once again meets Boris, who tells Shannow of the rampant crime in the town. Later, Shannow encounters a priest. While resting, Shannow inspects a gold coin he obtained before leaving Shir-ran's cave. The coin has an image imprinted that matches Boris' description of the Sword of God, south of the wall. A group of Scayse's men rides into town dragging a mostly transformed Dianae, which is killed. One of the riders had stolen Shannow's horse. Shannow knocks the man from his horse and returns it to the stable, where the holster explains that there used to be many more of the beasts before the gates in the wall disappeared. South, Chreena regrets using the last of her Sipstrassi's power to hide the gates when it could have been used to save Shir-ran, or her son, Luke.

Chapter 12[]

Josiah Broome, owner of the eating hall in Pilgrim's Valley, tends to the injured rider and condems Shannow's violent way of recovering his horse. Beth disagrees, but bites her tongue because she now works for Broome as a serving girl. When the rider recovers, he sets off after Shannow. Beth arrives at the stable in time to warn Shannow, a draw ensues, and the injured rider is now dead. Shannow returns to the inn, where Steiner tells him that Scayse wants to talk to him, but Shannow ignores the request. Scayse then goes to Shannow's room, and tells him that he wishes to be a leader of men, and does not seek to abuse or misuse his power. He also knows of Sipstrassi and Shannow's encounter at the Titanic (events at the conclusion of Wolf in Shadow) and that he plans to lead his gathered force south, past the Great Wall. Shannow is not convinced that Scayse is not an evil man.

Chapter 13[]

Nu uses his Sipstrassi to free is spirit from his body and fly amongst the clouds. When he flies south, the recognizes the Great Wall as the sea wall in Atlantis, then he recognizes features of Pilgrim's Valley that resemble the city of Ad. He then realizes he did not travel across land from the stone circle, but across time. Nu weeps for his long-dead wife and children.

Chapter 14[]

Walking home from working at the inn, Beth is attacked by two Brigands. The Parson kills one and scares the other away before escorting her back to her wagon. The next morning, Shannow is approached by two residents of Pilgrim's Valley, Brisley and Fenner, who also ask Shannow to rid the town of the evil men like Scayse and Webber, a crooked gambling hall owner. Shannow once again declines, and advises the men to forming a group and physically forcing the men from town.

Chapter 15[]

Shannow visits the local gunsmith Groves, to stock up on ammunition before leaving town, however, Groves says it will take a week for him to make the bullets. Shannow returns to the innkeeper, Mason, to extend his stay in town. Shannow then rides south to explore the Great Wall, where he finds Boris Haimut. Boris was sent away from the boat dig site by Scayse's men, however, now he is employed by Scayse to examine the wall and find a way though. Shannow returns to town, and is again approached by Fenner, this time for advice. Fenner has gathered a group, and wants Shannow's advice on how to shut down Webber, this gives Shannow a great respect for Fenner, as he is showing courage and wants to make a change. Shannow tells Fenner to be quick and direct, and at the first sign of resistance, to shoot someone to maintain control of the situation, and if trouble starts, to kill Webber. Fenner enters Webber's gambling hall with eight men, including Broome and Brisley. Webber stalled for a bit, and his men surrounded Fenner and his men. Fenner threatens Webber, and Webber asks if Fenner is just going to murder him with no proof. Broome agrees that no one should die, but that this should be a warning to Webber. Once Fenner put his gun down, Webber kills him. This enraged Shannow, who went to Webber's, and put his gun in Webber's mouth. He walked Webber outside to where Fenner's body had been dragged, and addressed the crowd that had gathered, saying he would kill all Brigands who were still in town the next morning. One man asked Shannow if he could take them all, and Shannow promptly killed him.

Chapter 16[]

Shannow returns to his room at the inn. Later that night, he kills four men who attack him in his room. Clem Steiner kills two more men outside Shannow's room. When asked why he helped, Steiner replies that he doesn't want anyone else to kill Shannow, he wants the challenge for himself. The next morning, Mason offers Shannow's room and board for free. Mason reveals he was shot in the shoulder and chased out of Allion by Shannow. Shannow recognizes him as a man who rode with Cade. Shannow leaves the inn to hunt the Brigands. After entering a bar with armed men from the rear, the Parson, along with over 20 others, including Mason, Steiner, Broome, and Beth, offers the Brigands a last chance to leave. When Zeb, the bar owner says he won't run, Shannow approaches him from behind and threatens him. All men in the bar throw down their weapons, including Zeb, but when Shannow exits the bar to talk to Parsons, he is shot by Zeb, who is promptly killed by the group.

Chapter 17[]

Shannow is recovering from a shot in the head that did not penetrate his skull. The Parson thinks that the Sword of God, which is floating above the lands to the south, is the will of God waiting to destroy the land, but it can not because the land is an unholy place peopled by the beasts of Satan and the Whore of Babylon. Shannow argues with the Parson, saying that bringing slaughter to the people south of the wall is not God's way, while the Parson believes it is God's wish. The Parson leaves Shannow with neither convincing the other of their views. On Beth's next visit to Shannow, she finally gives in to her desires, and the two make love. Later, when she returns to work, Broome attempts a proposal to her, which she cuts short. That night, Beth visits Scayse, whom she is paying to lease a plot of land. Scayse also attempts to woo her, she cuts him off as well. Shannow is visited by Steiner, who vows to kill Shannow once he is healed, and take the Jerusalem Man's fame for himself.

Chapter 18[]

Nu comes upon a wagon caravan, where many people suffer from the Red Fever, and many others have already died. He uses the all the remaining power of the stone to cure the sick, including a young lady named Ella, and and elderly woman named Martha. Afterwards, he grieves for his wife and children.

Beth is moving her wagon south to her land leased from Scayse, who she has continued seeing socially. She remembers an argument with Broome, who was speaking negatively of Shannow and his needless killing, but Beth had defended him, saying Broome had betrayed Fenner by not being a man of action, which cost Fenner his life. This angered Broome, who told Beth she could no longer work for him. When Beth arrives at her land, she finds some of Scayse's men are already there, setting the foundation for a house for her. The men are being led by a man named Ishmael Kovac, who is commonly called Bull.

Chapter 19[]

Earth tremors are disrupting the settlements of the Dianae and Pilgrim's Valley.

Chreena and Oshere are discussing what causes the change in the men of the Dianae. Oshere figures out that the men affected are the ones who climb the Chaos Peak and dive into the water below. Chreena takes a Hellborn pistol when she and Oshere set off for the lake, in case Oshere's change completes.

Shannow has mostly recovered, and returns to Groves to obtain his order of bullets. Groves informs Shannow that Scayse had a large order of bullets, as his order of Hellborn pistols had recently arrived. Another tremor strikes and Shannow and Steiner see two suns in the sky for a brief time. Since Shannow plans to leave town the next day, Steiner challenges him once again, which Shannow ignores. When returning to the inn, Shannow has a run-in with Sharazad, who is waiting to meet with Scayse. Mason tells Shannow of the healer who arrived with a wagon convoy.

Chapter 20[]

Sharazad is met by Steiner and another, who are delivering guns on behalf of Scayse. After unloading the weapons from the wagon, Daggers appear from the shadows and attack the two men. Steiner escapes to the woods, while the other is killed by Sharazad to feed her bloodstone (a Sipstrassi recharged by blood). Steiner is shot twice and captured by the Daggers. As the Daggers are preparing a ritual to sacrifice Steiner, Shannow arrives. The Daggers, who claim to understand much that men do not, sense the power of Shannow and leave without a fight. Shannow escapes with Steiner, both riding on Shannow's horse.

Szshark, the leader of the Daggers, returns to Sharazad, who is unhappy and confused by the Dagger's actions. She sends 20 daggers to hunt down Shannow. It is revealed that the Ruazsh, now know as Daggers, once opposed the Atlanteans, but once the outcome became clear, Szshark approached Pendarric, the king of Atlantis, and swore fealty to save his people. It is also revealed the Ruazsh are telepathic, and do not wish to participate in Sharazad's needless battles, but they must since they are sworn to the king. Sharazad gives Szshark the order to destroy Pilgrim's Valley.

Chapter 21[]

Shannow stops to sew up Steiner's wounds and allow him to rest. He can see the Daggers approach the rest site, and prepares to defend their site. Just as the Daggers are nearing, a group of four of Scayse's men unwittingly ride up on the Daggers, and a gunfight ensues. As the Daggers take cover, Shannow attacks them from the rear, and the surviving Daggers flee. Two of Scayse's men have bee killed and one wounded. The one uninjured man is recognized by Shannow as riding with the man who had stolen Shannow's horse in chapter 11. The uninjured man introduces himself as Bull, and recommends Shannow take Steiner to the nearby and recently completed home of Beth while he rides to town to get a wagon.

Nu is a stranger at the McAdam farm. He meets Sam, and says he has a son Sam's age, named Japheth. Another tremor strikes, and Beth, Sam, Mary, and Nu see that two suns are in the sky for a brief moment. Nu tells Beth that the tremors and second sun in the sky are a result of gateways being used.

Chapter 22[]

Shannow arrives at Beth's farm with Steiner. Nu explains to Shannow and Beth that he is from the past. While on watch, Shannow and Nu discuss their Gods, and find that their religions have many similarities. Later, Beth comes to Shannow and offers to wed him if can can quite his current way of life, which he says he can not do.

Chapter 23[]

Broome is disturbed by his argument with Beth. He mourns the man Shannow killed in the street after executing Webber, named Lomax, who had a wife and two children. Just then the town is attacked by Daggers. Broome escapes to the newly finished church. Mason dies defending his inn and Groves in his gun shop. 200 citizens were at the church, listening to the Parson's sermon, when Broome arrives. The Parson sends Broome and Hendricks to lead the woman and children to the southern woods. The Parson and the men from his congregation are able defend for some time, and then are joined by Scayse and his riders. During the battle, another tremor strikes, creating a giant crack. While the Daggers are disorientated from the tremor, the men escape to the woods. The survivors are digging a defensive trench in the woods when Shannow arrives. Shannow explains to the Parson that these monsters are not from beyond the wall, nor are they from the notorious woman who leads the monsters living beyond the wall. Shannow also says the most recent tremor created an opening in the wall. Shannow comes up with a plan to raid the remains of the town for supplies while the Parson leads the survivors south to the opening in the wall.

Chapter 24[]

Chreena is investigating the Chaos Peak. During her climb, she recalls her husband, Sam Archer, to whom she was known as Amaziga, Shannow's confrontation with Sarrento and the Guardians, and he journey south with her son, Luke. Once at the summit, she discovers that the peak is actually a tower that holds a huge Sipstrassi stone. The tower had become encrusted when it lay beneath the ocean. The stone was affecting the Dianae (a reference to DNA) who came in close proximity, healing their bodies of the genetic experiments performed on their ancestors in the Between Times, thus reverting them to lions. Amaziga concentrates her will and the stone's power on Oshere's form below, and transform him back into a man.

Sharazad travels across time to meet her King, who is disappointed with her recent failure at Pilgrim's Valley. He shows her the events currently happening: Shannow causing a cattle stampede across the Daggers' camp and survivors of the town taking wagons of supplies back to the woods. Later that night, tremors shake the city of Ad, but the King uses the power of the motherstone to immediately repair buildings and prevent the people from feeling the tremors. The frequency of the tremors is worrying the king. The king teleports to a recreation of the city of Ad, which he has created to save his people at a later time. He has decided to send three Hunters after Shannow, Magellas and Rhodaeul, who hate each other, and Lindian.

Chapter 25[]

Beth, Nu, and the injured Steiner join the refugees fleeing south.

Before leaving town, Shannow sees the bodies of Haimut and Mason, among others. Scayse's men, defending the survivors' escape, are ambushed by Daggers, but Shannow arrives to rescue Scayse. The two escape to a cave to rest.

Once the refugees are through the gap in the wall, the Parson asks Bull with a dozen others to defend the wall for a day. Bull is approached by Szshark peacefully, who brings a message from Sharazad, saying if the refugees give up Nu, she will leave them be. Bull tells Szshark they will have to think on it.

Chapter 26[]

While observing Sharazad's progress, Pendarric realizes that the is looking at the future city of Ad. This worries him greatly, and he summons his general, Serpiat, to take an army and seize the future city and it's records.

Bull brings Sharazad's message to the Parson, who wants to give Nu to her. But Beth, Martha and Broome convince the people that Nu is a good person, and after a vote, the survivors decide not to meet Sharazad's demands.

Chapter 27[]

Shannow and Steiner arrive at the refugee camp south of the wall. Nu says he may be able to return home if he can find some Sipstrassi in the ruins of Ad. Shannow tells Nu he is going to the city because he wants to meet the Dark Lady described by Shir-ran, and Nu agrees to accompany him. The two discuss Pendarric. They discover that the Pendarric who help Shannow against Sarento is a future version of the current ruler of Atlantis, who is now trying to kill Shannow.

Bull is scouting the Daggers' camp, and when he arrives, he finds giant bears are tearing into the Daggers, killing most, including Sharazad. A bear attacks Bull, but he is saved by Szshark. The two ride back to the refugee camp with the news. The villagers are relieved the Dagger army has been decimated, and begin plans to move back to their homes. The Parson, angry that the others will not join him in his crusade against the Dark Lady and her beasts, sets off on his own.

Chapter 28[]

Araksis, the Atlantian astrologer, makes his report to Pendarric, saying that by studying the evidence from the gateway to the future, he has concluded that it is indeed the city of Ad that spent thousands of years under the ocean as a result of a great cataclysm. Araksis also says that if Nu's prophesy is correct, then only six days remain until the cataclysm occurs. This enrages Pendarric, who still thinks himself a god.

Steiner finally awakens from his injuries, and has revoked his promise to kill Shannow. The bears approached the camp, and Shannow approached the leader before a battle broke out. The leader, Kerril, was able to communicate to Shannow. Shannow was able to convince the bears that the people meant them no harm and to let them return back to the north in peace.

Chapter 29[]

Nu and Shannow travel south, while the wagons move back north. They are approached by Rhodaeul, who Nu recognizes as one of Pendarric's Hunters, and Shannow promptly kills him. That night, the other two Hunters enter Shannow's dreams to discover his greatest fear, which is his killing of a child at Allion.

The Parson comes across the camp where the Daggers were slaughtered by the bears. He finds Sharazad's body, and takes her bloodstone, not knowing what it is. During prayer, he is met with an image of Pendarric, who tells Parson, whose name is revealed to be Nicodemus, to go to another camp of Daggers and lead them against the Dark Lady in the ruins of Ad. Nicodemus mistakes Pendarric for God, and agrees to do this.

Chapter 30[]

Shannow and Nu arrive in the ruins of Ad. They ride to the palace to see the Dark Lady, whom Shannow immediatly recognizes as Amaziga Archer. Shannow explains his intent to see the Sword of God, which angers Amaziga. He explains that if the time gateway is not closed, then when the cataclysm strikes Ad in the past, the tidal wave may carry over through the gateway and flood the present as well.

Chapter 31[]

The Parson arrives at Ad leading a group of Daggers. With their help, he is able to get into the temple where ancient scrolls are kept. Pendarric returns to the Parson in a vision, and reads the scrolls to determine what caused the fall of the city. Pendarric instructs the Parson to take the Bloodstone to the Sword of God and call it down on the land.

Shannow fights off some Daggers, but the Parson escapes town. Amaziga explains the Parson must be stopped because the Sword of God is actually a nuclear missile suspended in the air by the power of the huge Sipstrassi at Chaos Peak. The stone has also suspended planes in the air, and she explains that in the Between Times the area was know as the Devil's Triangle, due to the planes that went missing. During the second fall, the computers controlling nuclear missiles malfunctioned, causing missiles to launch, however, this particular missile was suspended by the stone, similar to the planes. Nu finds a Sipstrassi in the temple and plans to use the stone circle to return to Ad in his own time to save his wife and children from the cataclysm. Oshere is once again returning into the form of a lion, and he expresses to Amaziga that his only wish is to see the ocean before his transformation completes.

Chapter 32[]

Beth is kidnapped by Lindian and Magellas, and taken to the Sword of God, where she is told she will help them capture Shannow.

Amaziga is studying the scrolls the Parson showed to Pendarric. The scrolls are the works of Araksis. She learns the first fall of the world is caused by the Atlantians opening the gates to other dimensions, which affected the earth's gravitational pull and caused the fall. The second fall was also caused by the opening of the gates. Amaziga also lears that a nuclear missile contributed to the first fall. Since the technology was not available to the Atlantians, the missile must have come from the future. She sets off to stop Shannow.

Shannow arrives at Chaos Peak as the Parson is nearing the summit. Magellas and Lindian are waiting with Beth as a hostage, but Steiner arrives to even the odds and both Hunters are killed. While Shannow is climbing Chaos Peak to stop the Parson, Amaziga arrives and tries to shoot Shannow to stop him from killing the Parson. Amaziga is stopped by Beth. As Shannow reaches the summit and is about to kill the Parson, the Parson frees the missile from the stasis field. At the same time, Pendarric opens a gateway, causing a tremor, which causes the Parson to fall from the Peak, where he dies. The missile is now in motion, but because he is standing on the giant Sipstrassi of the peak, Shannow is able to will the missile to change directions and he sends it through the gateway, where it impacts (causing the first fall of the world).

Chapter 33[]

Nu arrives at his home in the past. He begins preparations to escape with his family when Pashad tells him that a relative, Karia, who is Araksis' wife, told her about plans to take a giant Sipstrassi to the top of the star tower in order to halt a weapon being sent by enemies from beyond the gateway. Pendarric has already left to another world with many followers to escape the destruction. Nu races to the star tower, fights Araksis, and attempts to destroy the framework built to hold the giant Sipstrappi. After Nu escapes from the tower, Araksis hopes enough of the framework can be salvaged to protect the city, if not stop the missile. Nu arrive at his boat where his family and servants are waiting. At dusk, they witness the missile travel over Ad and impact in the distance. As a tidal wave approaches the ship, Nu uses the stone to protect the ship. Nu, Pashad, their children Shem, Ham, and Japath, Nu's servants and the livestock they gathered on the boat are the only survivors as Ad is overcome by the tidal wave.

Chapter 34[]

Shannow reverts to a younger man, just from being in proximity of the stone. Amaziga explains that the reason the stone is at Chaos Peak is that Pendarric was attempting to suspend the missile when it was directed at Ad. The stone was unable to protect the city from the tidal wave caused by the nearby impact when the missile flew past the town.


Shannow stays with Beth and becomes the preacher at Pilgrim's Valley as Jon Cade, where he is not recognized as the Jerusalem Man because the stone made him younger. The town grows and prospers under the leadership of Scayse and Broome. Amaziga leads a lion to the coast, looking out over the ocean, however, the signifigance is lost on the lion, who pads off in search of food.