Tenaka Khan, aka Bladedancer, is a former member of The Dragon, great-grandson of Ulric - the first Uniter, great-grandson of Regnak - the 7th Earl of Bronze -  and a central character in The King Beyond the Gate. He is best known as the second Uniter of the Nadir tribes, the saviour and - later - the conqueror of the Drenai. His spirit also features in Quest for Lost Heroes and he is referenced, though not by name, in Waylander II.

He was seen as the 'True Uniter' as he was able to conquer the Drenai while Ulric had failed and not achieved the promises that the legend of the Uniter had promised. He was assassinated by his son, Jungir Khan.

In Quest for Lost Heroes he later takes possession of Kiall's body and kills his son, Jungir, in a duel over Ravenna, whom Kiall had began the quest to rescue.

His two grandsons by Jungir and Ravenna become The Khan and Earl of Bronze, respectively and fight each other in the War of the Twins.

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