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A list of memorable quotes from Sword in the Storm.

Chapter 2[]

Life should be fun[]

Learning should be fun. Indeed so should life. The gods know it is short enough.


Having friends to share secrets with[]

That is one of the great advantages of having friends. You can unburden your soul to them and they will not judge you for it. Nor will they repeat what you have said.


Words are stronger than iron

Words are stronger than iron. Everything we do – everything we are – is born of words.


Chapter 3[]


Do you know what these [seeds] are? They are from the foxglove flower. A tiny amount of them can give a dying heart fresh life. Like a miracle. But just a pinch too much and they become the deadliest poison. Pride is like that. Too little and a man has no sense of self-worth. The world will wear him down to dust. Too much and he becomes arrogant, vain and boastful. But just enough and he is a man to walk the mountains with.


Chapter 8[]

Confidence and arrogance[]

Confidence is to be applauded, arrogance avoided.


Do not hate[]

I am not saying do not fight. I am saying do not hate. It is not war that leads to murderous excesses, but hate. Whole villages, cities, peoples wiped out. Hatred is like a plague. It is all-consuming, and it springs from man to man. Our enemies become demons, their wives the mothers of demons, their children infant demons. You understand? We tell stories of our enemies eating babes - as was done with the people. Our hearts turn dark and, in turn, we visit a terrible retribution upon those we now hate. But hatred never dies, Conn. We plant the seeds of it in every action inspired by it. Kill a man, and his son will grow to hate you and seek revenge. When he obtains that revenge your son will learn to hate him.


Chapter 10[]

How wars should be fought[]

This is how wars should be fought. Men against men, equally matched. Valiant hearts, ferocious fighting, and victory tempered with mercy.


Chapter 11[]


Wishes are dishes the poor feed upon.

– The Morrigu