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This is a list of all characters appearing in the novel Sword in the Storm.

Major characters are marked in bold.

Characters that are only mentioned and never depicted appear in italics.




Three Streams[]
  • Arbonacast, Ruathain's chief herdsman
  • Arian, daughter of Nanncumal, love interest of Connavar
  • Banouin the Young, son of Vorna and Banouin the Foreigner
  • Baria, daughter of Nanncumal, dies in infancy
  • Bendegit Bran, younger son of Ruathain and Meria
  • Borga the Baker, husband of Pelain
  • Braefar, eldest son of Ruathain and Meria
  • Cassia, an earth maiden
  • Casta, herdsman working for Ruathain, later husband of Arian
  • Cerif, father of Meria
  • Connavar, son of Varaconn and Meria, leader of the Rigante
  • Eanor, crofter
  • Eriatha, earth maiden and friend of Connavar and Meria
  • Galanis, Baris, and Gethenan
  • Gariapha, metalworker
  • Govannan, son of Nanncumal, rival and later friend of Connavar
  • Gwydia, daughter of Nanncumal, love interest of Braefar, later wife of Fiallach
  • Meria, his wife (widow of Varaconn and mother of Connavar)
  • Nanncumal the smith
  • Pallae, mother of Ruathain
  • Pelain, cousin of Meria and tavern owner
  • Riamfada, crippled son of Gariapha, metalworker and friend of Connavar
  • Ruathain, First Swordsman of the Rigante, stepfather of Connavar
  • Vorna, village witch and midwife
  • Wiocca, wife of Gariapha and mother of Riamfada
Old Oaks[]
  • Leia, deceased wife of Maccus
  • the Long Laird
  • Maccus, First Counsel to the Laird
  • Brother Solstice, druid
Seven Willows[]
  • Dara, Phaeton's housekeeper
  • Farrar
  • Fiallach, chief adviser to Llysona, Tae's suitor
  • Garon
  • Legat, cousin of Tae, horse breeder
  • Lady Llysona, wife of the Long Laird
  • Oras
  • Phaeton, merchant, traitor
  • Tae, daughter of the Long Laird, wife of Connavar
Other Rigante[]
  • Arna, one-eyed chieftain
  • Calasain, ferryman
  • Calavanus, great hero
  • Elagareth, legendary vanquisher of the Ugly Folk
  • Gallis the Cruel, last king of the Rigante
  • Lycus, mine governor
  • Sanepta, wife of Calasain
  • Senecal, son of Calasain, thief


  • Alar, Fisher Laird's son
  • Ferol, thief and murderer
  • the Fisher Laird, Lord of the Pannones
  • the Highland Laird, successor to the Fisher Laird
  • Maggria, seer
  • Roca, Ferol's cousin and accomplice
  • Vor, the Fisher Laird's son


  • Arix, Ostaran's brother and second in command
  • Camoe, village leader
  • Daran, one of Ostaran's men
  • Ostaran, Gath chieftain who sides with the Stone army


  • Alea, former king
  • Alinae, wife of Alea
  • Arakar, son of Carac
  • Bek
  • Carac, king, brother and usurper of Alea
  • Diatka, merchant


  • Lexac


  • Parax the hunter

Other Keltoi (tribe unknown)[]

  • Garshon, merchant and senior councillor of Goriasa
  • Tudri


  • Appius, Stone general
  • Banouin, former Stone general; travelling merchant and friend of Connavar
  • Barus, junior officer under Appius
  • Jasaray, commander of the Stone army
  • Palia, wife of Appius
  • Sobius, former general
  • Valanus, Stone officer who befriends Connavar


  • Arald, Vars king
  • Jarik, Shard's brother
  • Kidrik, one of Shard's raiders
  • Shard, Vars prince

Spirits and deities[]

  • Daan, Keltoi deity
  • Gianis, Blood God worshipped by the Gath
  • the Great Mother, Keltoi deity, source of earth magic
  • the Seidh
    • Bean-Nighe
    • Bean-Si
    • the Morrigu, goddess of death and mischief
    • the Thagda, the Old Man of the Forest
  • Taranis, Keltoi deity
  • Wotan, Vars deity


  • Bannioa, breeding cow owned by Ruathain
  • a black bear which attacks the young Connavar and his friends
  • Caval, black war hound, pet of Connavar's family
  • Dark Blade, white colt
  • Mentha, aging black bull owned by Ruathain