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Stella Gemmell (née Graham)[1] is a British journalist and fantasy writer.

Stella worked with her late husband David Gemmell as an editor and researcher on several of his novels, completing the third book after his death in July 2006.[1] Fall of Kings was published in 2007 under the joint authorship of David and Stella Gemmell.

Stella Gemmell's first solo novel, The City, is set in a gritty underground metropolis. The book received both critical acclaim and commercial success.[2] The sequel, The Immortal Throne, was published on June 24th, 2015.


David Gemmell dedicated Shield of Thunder to his wife Stella with the following words:

Shield of Thunder is dedicated with great love to Stella for the journeys across the desert, for the waterfall at La Quinta, and for sailing the Great Green through twenty priceless years of joy and friendship.


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