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Legend - Didier Graffet

Legend - Didier Graffet

Snaga the Sender was an enchanted battle-axe most famously wielded by Druss the Legend. Silver runes inscribed on the haft read: Snaga, the Sender, the blades of no return.

Previously wielded by Druss' grandfather Bardan, the weapon housed an evil demon and ultimately drove Bardan to madness. Bardan had looted the axe from the remains of Caras the Axeman during the Second Vagrian War.

The axe spent several decades unused as the son of Bardan and the father or Druss, Bress had hidden it and refused to use it.

Druss used the axe on his quest to rescue his love and wife, Rowenna. During the quest, Druss lost the axe and the warrior, Cajivak found it and was corrupted by the axe.

Druss killed Cajivak and took back the axe. Druss would later expell the demon from the axe.

Druss used the axe throughout his life until his death at Dros Delnoch.

In the Books[]

Found in:

The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend

The Legend of Deathwalker


White Wolf

The Swords of Night and Day

Mentioned in:

Winter Warriors

Quest for lost Heroes

King beyond the gate

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