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Skultik Forest, occasionally referred to simply as Skultik, was a large area of forestland on the southern foothills of the Delnoch Mountains in northern Drenai. It lay to the north of the Sentran Plain and the city of Sousa and to the south-east of Dros Delnoch. Three towns were located within the immense forest, Skarta, Tonis and Preafa, as well as a number of smaller villages.

Skultik was considered a dangerous area and travellers were often waylaid by bandits, including a band of outlaws led by Bowman.

During the First Vagrian War, when almost all of Drenai was conquered by Vagria, Skultik Forest became Egel's last holdout.

Centuries later, Skultik was the location of the barracks and training grounds of The Dragon, an elite unit of Drenai soldiers.