Skilgannon from the cover of White Wolf.

Olek Skilgannon, known throughout the world as the infamous Skilgannon the Damned, was a Nashaanite swordsman who wielded the legendary Swords of Night and Day. An ex-general, he spent many years in the service of Jianna, the Witch Queen.

Family and Childhood[edit | edit source]

Olek Skilgannon was a true warrior, coming from a long line of true warriors. His father was Decado Skilgannon, known more commonly as Decado Firefist.

Whilst Skilgannon was still quite young, Decado Firefist died whilst fighting the Panthians, leading a suicidal cavalry charge in an attempt to kill the Panthian king. After his father's death he was raised by his father's friends. He continued to live in his family's house with Sperian and Molaire as his guardians. Sperian and Molaire were a middle-aged couple who had served Skilgannon's father for many years, Sperian tended the gardens whilst Molaire took care of the house. In addition to them he had a dancing tutor called Greavas - a retired actor and trusted friend of Decado whom he had hired to teach Skilgannon before his death.

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