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The Rigante series is a series of four heroic fantasy novels written by David Gemmell. They are centered around the Rigante clan of the Keltoi people, clearly inspired by the highlanders of Scotland. In the first novel Sword in the Storm and its direct sequel Midnight Falcon, the Rigante face the expanding empire of Stone (analogous to the real-world Roman Empire). The next two novels, Ravenheart and Stormrider, are set much further in the future with the new enemy being the Varlish (analogous to the English).

The overarching theme of the series is the endurance of a proud culture, rich with magic and a closeness to nature, that is at risk of being lost due to the encroachment of "civilization".

Rigante novels[]

  1. Sword in the Storm (1998)
  2. Midnight Falcon (1999)
  3. Ravenheart (2001)
  4. Stormrider (2002)