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Rigante colours

Tribal colours of the Rigante

The Rigante were a Keltoi people that inhabited the northern part of the Isles, near the Druagh Mountains, the Seidh River, and the Wishing Tree Woods. They led a natural lifestyle and had a rich culture and religion which emphasised a closeness to the earth and living in balance with nature.


The Rigante tribe was divided into distinct Northern and Southern branches, with the Long Laird ruling over the Northern Rigante from his fortress at Old Oaks. The southern lands of the Rigante boasted a cattle market.[1] Other Rigante settlements included Three Streams and Seven Willows.



The boy's Rigante name would be Connavar, Conn son of Var. This would be the name to earn honour among his people. But the soul-name would bond him to the land, and carry with it the magic of the night.

Sword in the Storm, ch. 1

In the Rigante culture, boys were traditionally given names consisting of their own name and their father's name combined into a single word. Ruathain, for example, meant "Ru son of Thain", Connavar meant "Conn son of Var", whereas Varaconn was the direct opposite, "Var son of Conn". Girls' names did not follow this convention.

Rigante children were also traditionally given soul-names. While a mother gave birth to her child, the father would climb the Elder Mountain and await an omen which would inspire the choice of a soul-name. Some examples of Rigante soul-names are "Eagle in the Moonlight", "Wing over Water", and "Sword in the Storm".

Faith and magic[]

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