Plot Summary[edit | edit source]

It has been over eight hundred years since the Great King of the Rigante, Connavar called Demonblade by his enemies and his bastard son, Bane, one of the greatest warriors ever to enter the gladiater games of Stone defeated the invading armies of Stone. The Rigante have fallen from grace and the culture and way of life that so many died for has been chipped away by the descendants of the old Rigante enemies, the Varlish. A young Rigante clansmen, Kaelin Ring comes to hate the Varlish and all they stand for, he flees from their clutches to the North where the last few vestiages of true Rigante culture remain. He becomes a rebel to the Varlish and soon become their greatest fear in the north. He is Ravenheart. His old guardian, Jiam Grymarch lives among the Varlish and the Rigante, he often spends his time raiding cattle and bedding the local earth maiden. He is loved by the clans as he is a symbol of all of the old clan values, but when the greatest love of his life is threatened he will fulfill all of the highest deeds of heroism and reignite what centuries of oppression and occupation had sought to crush, The spirit of the Rigante.

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