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Chronologically the third last installment but the fourth to be published, Quest for lost heroes chronicles the actions of Kiall, a young villager, as he sets out to rescue a girl kidnapped from their home and sold into Nadir slavery. Joining him are four legendary heroes of Bel-Azar that set in motion events that will alter the course of the world forever.


Kiall A villager, naïve and innocent, he intends to rescue Ravenna at all costs
Chareos Legendary swordsman with strong moral sense and a careful, keen mind
Beltzer Legendary axeman fallen on hard times. Equal parts loathsome and likeable.
Finn Skilled bowman and tracker. Lives in the mountains with the younger Maggrig.
Maggrig Also supreme with bow and tracking. Very close relationship to Finn.
Tanaki Khan The Khan's sister.
Ravenna A village girl abducted and sold into bondage by Nadir slavers
Jungir Khan Current Khan and supreme ruler of all conquered Nadir lands.
Tsudai Adviser to Jungir-Khan
Asta-Khan Former shaman to Tenaka-Khan. Extremely powerful.

Strange inhabitant of another world. Aids the questers with magic.

Chien-Tsu Ambassador to the Chiatze Emperor, sent to inquire as to the health of the princess, now Nadir Queen; Mai-Syn.
Oshi Lifelong servant to Chien-Tsu
Earl of Talgathir In service to the Lord Regent of Gothir
Harokas Assassin in service to the Earl
Salida Captain of the Earl's Guards.