Orien, also known as Orien Two Blades and as the Battle King of the Drenai, was the first owner of the legendary Armour of Bronze. Considered most responsible for creating the Drenai nation itself, Orien was a towering figure to the Drenai people. His famous personal armour set itself became legendary, being regarded as a national symbol. Towards the end of his life Orien recieved a vision that convinced him the only way to ensure the survival of the country he had worked so hard to build was to hide away his armour, for use in the future as a rallying point, a light in the darkest hour of the Drenai. Abdicating his throne, Orien passed out of history until the very last days of his life, when he returned to spur the assassin, Waylander to attempt the quest for the Armour of Bronze.

History Edit

Considered the man most responsible for building the nation known as Drenai, and installed as their first King, Orien ruled for some considerable time. Even upon reaching middle-age, he was a strong-looking man, whose armour still fit him. However, his eyesight had began to seriously degrade and he was convinced of his impending blindness. After recieving a vision that showed him the future of the Drenai was one of blood and darkness, only survivable with the aide of his Armour, he resolved to hide the Armour, in the belief that a "Chosen One" would retrieve it at the right time for it to be used as a rallying point for all his oppressed people, allowing them a chance for survival. To this end, he placed the Armour of Bronze in a cave upon the flanks of Mt. Raboas, outside the borders of Drenai itself. The armour was guarded by apparently mystical means, as well as indirectly by a loose tribe of malformed indigents who made the mountainside their home and whose presence discouraged visitors. After doing this, Orien abdicated his throne and vanished.[1]

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