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Nogusta is a main protagonist in David Gemmell's fantasy novel Winter Warriors


The reader meets Nogusta in his forties or fifties. Unlike with Bison and Kebra, it is hard to tell Nogusta's true age. It is implied he was born in the lands of the Drenai and that his family were famous for the horses they bred for the Drenai army. His family are said to have come from the lands of Opal which is far to the east of Drenai.

He has been at war for the past 30 years, fighting across the continent into Ventria. Throughout the novel we see key snippets of Nogusta's past  and learn a little more about him. Of the three older warriors he is the one with the most complete past. 

  • At 14 years old he awoke in the night and, through instinct or perhaps his unfocused talent, went outside. He notices the horses cowering in their corral. Shortly after he is charged by a lion and, in short, kills it.
  • His father plays the "magick game" and Nogusta receives the Last Talisman.
  • He was married at 20 after he returned to find a wife in the lands of his ancestors (Opal).
  • His family were murdered, it is later found the murder was incited by worshipers of Anharat and Nogusta, despite saving the baker's daughter, is hanged. The White Wolf rescues him and hangs the villagers.
  • The nobleman responsible for the violence is killed, it is implied by Nogusta that he had surrounded himself with guards, but someone scaled his walls and killed him.

Character and Appearance[]