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This is a list of all characters appearing in the novel Legend.

Major characters are marked in bold.

Characters that are only mentioned and never depicted appear in italics.


  • Lord Abalayn, elected ruler of the Drenai
  • Arshin, servant at the Keep in Dros Delnoch
  • Baile, recruit at Delnoch
  • Bartellus, Abalayn's herald
  • Bregan, recruit at Delnoch
    • Legan, his son
    • Lotis, his wife
  • Bricklyn, Master Burgher of Delnoch
  • Calvar Syn, surgeon
  • Carin, miller and recruit at Delnoch
    • Maerie, his wife
      • Delis, Maerie's friend
  • City Elders of Delnoch
    • Alphus
    • Backda
    • Beric
    • Malphar
    • Shinell
  • Dun Degas, officer at Dros Purdol
  • Earl Delnar of Dros Delnoch
    • Dorian, recruit at Delnoch
  • Druss the Legend
  • Egel, the first Earl of Bronze
  • Dun Garta, officer at Delnoch
  • Gilad, recruit at Delnoch
  • Hagir, recruit at Delnoch
  • Harib Ka, slaver who kidnapped Druss' wife
  • Hedes, deaf Drenai officer at Delnoch
  • Horeb, innkeeper in Drenan and friend of Regnak
    • Dori, Besa and Nessa; Horeb's daughters
    • Norvas, baker's apprentice and Nessa's fiancé
  • Karnak the One-Eyed
  • Bar Kistrid, ranker at Delnoch
  • Cul Korvac, a soldier serving under Regnak during the Sathuli wars
  • The Legion
    • Bar Britan
    • Dun Elicas, Hogun's lieutenant
    • Gan Hogun, commander
    • Lebus the Tracker
    • Togi
    • Magnus Woundweaver, general
  • Marie the Builder, citizen of Delnoch
  • Dun Mendar, officer at Delnoch and Nadir conspirator
  • Midras, recruit at Delnoch
  • Gan Orrin, Abalayn's nephew and chief commander at Delnoch
  • Dun Pinar, officer and quartermaster at Delnoch
  • Earl Pindak of Dros Purdol
  • Rabil, recruit at Delnoch
  • Regnak (Rek), wanderer and later Earl of Bronze
  • Reinard, outlaw leader in Graven Forest
    • Erlik, Reinard's brother and fellow outlaw
    • Grussin, an axeman and one of Reinard's outlaws
      • Mella, Grussin's woman
    • Speaker, a seer and one of Reinard's outlaws
  • Rowena, Druss' wife
  • Sieben the Saga Master
  • Skultik outlaws
  • Somin, recruit at Delnoch
  • Sybad, letter-writer at Delnoch
  • Virae, daughter of Earl Delnar
    • Hogun, Orrin, Horeb, Susay and Besa; Rek and Virae's children
  • The crew of the Wastrel
    • Captain
    • Mate
    • Second mate

The Thirty[]

  • Antaheim
  • Arbedark, Heart of the Thirty
  • Menahem, Eyes of the Thirty
  • Serbitar, leader and Voice of the Thirty
  • Vintar, Abbot of Swords and Soul of the Thirty


  • Gat-sun, Ulric's brother
  • Jahingir, Ulric's nephew
  • Khitan, warmaster
  • Musar, innkeeper and spy at Delnoch
  • Nakrash, warrior
  • Nestzan, warrior
  • Nogusha, Ulric's champion
  • Nosta Khan, shaman
  • Ogasi, captain
  • Surip, lord
  • Tsubodai, warrior
  • Ulric, warlord and Nadir Uniter
  • Ulric's herald, nicknamed "loudmouth" and "lardbelly" by Druss


  • Asbidare, Ventrian merchant
  • Death
  • Earl Drada of Dros Sergil, Serbitar's father
  • Gorben, Ventrian god-king
  • Joachim Sathuli, prince of the Sathuli
  • Mehmet, Sathuli prophet
  • Nazredas, strategist at the Battle of Plettii
  • Rebow, Ventrian lecturer at the University of Tertellus
  • Suboden, Vagrian carle-captain


  • Daffodil, a horse Horeb purchases for Rek