Jon Shannow, also know as the Jerusalem Man, is featured in three novels in the Stones of Power series. He’s the most feared gunslinger in this post-apocalyptic world, an incontrovertibly insane man looking for a dead city to atone for past sins. Deeply religious, but follows both the old and new testament Gods as one individual, and deals amazingly well with shooting people dead if they step out of line.

Rolynd, so has a sixth sense for danger and incredible reflexes. Manages to pick up sword-fighting within moments of laying his hands on a sword due to ancestoral memory and, frankly, copious magic.

Jon wields a minimum of three pistols. He also has semi-automatic guns, stolen from enemies in the first book and held close ever since, and his cap and ball revolvers, with which he’s amazingly accurate. One of the reasons he’s so deadly is that there is no grey area for him, meaning he kills anyone who is evil.


  • Daniel Cade is Shannow's brother.
  • Shannow's real name is Jonathan Cade. He took the name Shannow after a mentor, Varey Shannow, was murdered. This is revealed in The Last Guardian.
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