Drenai world Also referred to as 'The Old Woman, Hewla was once a Priestess of the Resurrection Temple.  She became corrupted by evil and was forced to leave the temple, but used what she learned there to become almost immortal - having lived for almost a thousand years.  She is also a witch, but more specifically a powerful Chaos Sorceress who has the ability to summon demons from The Pit.

She is also known for her skills as a crafter of powerfully enchanted weapons, having made a swords for the Tantrian king and even Gorben, the once great emperor of Ventria. By far her most famous pieces however, are the legendary Swords of Night and Day, which she based off of the ancient Swords of Blood and Fire. She may also have created Snaga, however this has never been confirmed.

Over the centuries Hewla has kept a close eye on her descedants from afar, however in recent years her bloodline has dwindled until she only has one living relative remaining: Jianna, the Witch Queen of Nashaan. Whom she protects fiercely, even in The Void after her death, to ensure Jianna's resurrection a half millenia later as The Eternal.

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