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The "Great Green" was a term referring to the Aegean Sea, its islands and surrounding civilisations during the period of the Trojan War. The sea divided the Greek mainland, increasingly dominated by the Mykene empire, from the Western coast of Anatolia, where the city of Troy was located.

To the east lay the Hittite empire, ruled by Hattusilis from its capital Hattusas; to the south was Egypte; and to the West a region with a few Greek colonies, including Seven Hills.


Great green labels

Map of the Great Green.

Countries / city-states and their rulers[]

  • Arcadia – King Agapenor
  • Athens – King Menestheos
  • Dardania (capital: Dardanos) – King Anchises, King Aeneas
  • Hittite empire (capital: Hattusas) – Emperor Hattusilis
  • Ithaka – King Odysseus, the "Ugly King"
  • Kretos – King Idomeneos
  • Lykia – King Kygones, the "Fat King"
  • Mykene empire (capital: Mykene) – King Agamemnon
  • Pylos – King Nestor
  • Rhodos – King Pelemos
  • Sparta – King Menelaus
  • Thebe Under Plakos – King Ektion
  • Thessaly – King Peleus
  • Thraki – King Eioneus
  • Troy – King Priam


  • Ithaka
  • Karpathos
  • Kos
  • Kretos
  • Kypros
  • Lesbos
  • Rhodos
  • Thera