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The Earl of Bronze was a hereditary title first held by the Drenai hero Egel - the founder of Dros Delnoch and wearer of the legendary Armour of Bronze. The Drenai Series, for the most part, follows the members of the bloodline of the Earls; even the second Nadir Uniter, Tenaka Khan, is descended from the Earls through Regnak's grandson.

The Earls of Bronze[]

  1. Egel* - Waylander (novel)
  2. Unnamed earl
  3. Unnamed earl
  4. Unnamed earl
  5. Unnamed earl
  6. Delnar - The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend; Legend
  7. Regnak* - Legend
  8. Orrin
  9. Arvan's father (unnamed) - The King Beyond the Gate
  10. Arvan - The King Beyond the Gate
  11. Chareos (in exile) - Quest for Lost Heroes
  12. Aradan - Quest for Lost Heroes
  13. Unknown Number of Earls until the Drenai civilisation falls.
  14. Alahir* - The Swords of Night and Day

*Known to have used the Armour of Bronze