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The world of the Drenai was home to several countries and peoples. Some of the other more prominent civilisations, besides the Drenai, were the Nadir, Gothir and Vagria on the western continent; Ventria, Naashan and Opal to the east; and Chiatze to the north.


For a detailed, interactive map, see Drenai world/Map.

The world consisted of an eastern and a western continent separated by the Ventrian Sea in the south and the Desert of Namib and Salt Wastes in the north. Far to the north-east lay a third continent inhabited by various nations along the coast of the Jian Sea.

The western continent was home to the Drenai nation. The Delnoch mountains separated the Drenai from their enemies the nomadic Nadir, who inhabited a vast Steppe region to the north. Within the mountain range dwelled the Sathuli, fiercely religious tribesmen, originally emigrants from the eastern continent. To the south of Drenai lay Lentria, famed for its wine, and the independent city-state of Mashrapur. Vagria, another frequent enemy of the Drenai, lay to the south-west. West of Vagria was Skathia, of which little is known. The mountainous Gothir nation lay to the north-west.

The major powers in the eastern continent were Ventria and Naashan. Many of the smaller nations nearby, such as Tantria, Sherak, Dospilis and Datia were vassals of one of these two empires. The ancient and haunted realm of Pelucid lay in the north-west of the continent while the southern part of the continent consisted of kingdoms rich in natural resources and inhabited by darker skinned peoples: Opal, Panthia, Matapesh, Phocia and Cadia. Between the Ventrian and Drenai continents lay the Thousand Islands.

The northern continent was home to the world's oldest civilisations, including the ancient realms of Kydor and Angostin as well as the sophisticated Chiatze nation and their neighbours Kiatze and Sechuin. Another northern nation was Symilia, located near Kydor. Off the coast to the south of Chiatze lay the island nation of Manea.


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Religion and mythology[]

Several faiths and belief systems coexisted within the world of the Drenai, and people varied in the degree to which they believed in and worshiped different deities, such as the divine Source and its antithesis, the demonic Chaos Spirit.

Many regions had their own pantheon of gods such as the Gods of the Gothir or the Ventrian gods. Hero-worship was also common, and prominent warriors or leaders were often lifted to the status of god or demi-god, including the Gothir God-King.

Certain individuals posessed supernatural Talents, gifted to humankind by the Ancients. Some examples of Talented individuals were Source priests, Nadir shamen and members of the Dark Brotherhood.