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The David Gemmell Awards for Fantasy are a set of annual literary awards established in memory of David Gemmell. Established in 2008, with the first award being held in 2009, the Gemmell Awards are run by a committee of 18 writers chaired by Stan Nicholls. The winners are decided by public vote.

The three awards are the David Gemmell Legend Award, the Morningstar Award and the Ravenheart Award for the year's best fantasy novel, best fantasy newcomer and best fantasy cover art respectively.

Legend Award for Best Fantasy Novel[]

Legend Award trophy 2012 - Patrick Rothfuss

The 2012 Legend Award trophy, awarded to Patrick Ruthfoss.

The Legend Award was first awarded in 2009. The trophy for the Legend Award is the most expensive literary award anywhere. It is a model of Druss' axe Snaga crafted annually by Simon Fearnhamm of Raven Armoury with the winner’s name engraved on it.


  • 2009: Andrzej Sapkowski for Blood of Elves
  • 2010: Graham McNeill for Empire
  • 2011: Brandon Sanderson for The Way of Kings
  • 2012: Patrick Rothfuss for The Wise Man's Fear
  • 2013: Brent Weeks for The Blinding Knife
  • 2014: Mark Lawrence for Emperor of Thorns
  • 2015: Brandon Sanderson for Words of Radiance

Morningstar Award for Best Fantasy Newcomer[]


  • 2010: Pierre Pevel for The Cardinal's Blades
  • 2011: Darius Hinks for Warrior Priest
  • 2012: Helen Lowe for Heir of Night
  • 2013: John Gwynne for Malice
  • 2014: Brian McClellan for Promise of Blood
  • 2015: Brian Stavely for The Emperor's Blades

Ravenheart Award for Best Fantasy Cover Art[]

Ravenheart Award trophy - Lee Blair

The Ravenheart Award trophy, designed by artist Lee Blair.


  • 2010: Didier Graffet, Dave Senior and Laura Brett for Best Served Cold (written by Joe Abercrombie)
  • 2011: Olof Erla Einarsdottir for Power and Majesty (written by Tansy Rayner Roberts)
  • 2012: Raymond Swanland for Blood of Aenarion (written by William King)
  • 2013: Didier Graffet and Dave Senior for Red Country (written by Joe Abercrombie)
  • 2014: Jason Chan for Emperor of Thorns (written by Mark Lawrence)
  • 2015: Sam Green for Words of Radiance (written by Brandon Sanderson)