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He has the strength of an ox, and the brains to match... But he symbolizes the strength, the courage and the will that has brought us across the world. A man to move mountains.

Banelion, Winter Warriors, Chapter One

Bison was a veteran of the Drenai army serving under Banelion the White Wolf during the Drenai-Ventrian Wars. He was a close friend of Nogusta and Kebra the Bowman.


Ventrian Wars[]

Bar brawl and trial[]

Skanda's 35th birthday celebrations[]

Protecting the unborn king[]

The ultimate sacrifice[]


Dagorian suddenly understood the man's bizarre nickname. His head was totally bald, but thick, curling hair grew from his neck and over his massive shoulders. More like a bear than a bison though, thought Dagorian.

Winter Warriors, Chapter Two

Even at the age of sixty-six, Bison was an imposing figure of a man, sporting an immense frame and very large shoulders. He had a bald head and a white, drooping "walrus" moustache.[3] He was missing several teeth.[4]

Abilities and equipment[]

Like Nogusta and Kebra, Bison was an experienced soldier. He wielded a sword in combat.[5] He was particularly adept at close-range combat and grappling, making use of his weight and large frame.

Bison was a regular competitor in wrestling tournaments, and reached the quarter finals a couple of times.[6]






The orphans[]

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