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The Abbot of Swords is a title given to the founder of a temple of the Thirty, who also functions as the leader of the order while not at war. In wartime, it is the Voice of the Thirty who is charged with leadership. 

Usually the sole survivor of a previous temple, the Abbot's mission is to found a new temple of Thirty and train the next generation of warrior-priests. When the Thirty goes to war, a new Abbot is selected to carry on the Thirty after the others are killed in battle. Generally, the least perfect acolyte of the temple is chosen for this role, the intention being that it gives the warrior-priest the hardest job as he must grow to fit the role he has been honoured with. 

Known Abbots of the Sword[]

  • Dardalion – founder of the Thirty and Abbot of the first two temples as he was the only survivor from the first 
  • Visha – selected as the least perfect of Dardalion's second Thirty and sent to Ventria to found the new temple
  • Magir
  • Vintar – the least perfect of Magir's Thirty, founder and Abbot of the "Delnoch Thirty"
  • Arbedark – the Heart of the Delnoch Thirty, appointed Abbot during the Siege of Dros Delnoch and sent to found the next temple in Ventria.
  • Abbadon – recreates the Thirty (there had been no Thirty since Abbadon's father's time), founding the temple that would be later led by Decado in the war against Ceska.
  • Katan – sent to found the new temple as the remainder of "Decado's Thirty" fall in battle against Ceska's army.